Definition of radiation sickness in English:

radiation sickness


mass noun
  • Illness caused by exposure of the body to ionizing radiation, characterized by nausea, hair loss, diarrhoea, bleeding, and damage to the bone marrow and central nervous system.

    • ‘Astronauts who spend too much time aloft are believed to dramatically raise their risk of developing cancer, although they're not in immediate danger of suffering from radiation sickness.’
    • ‘An increasing number of credible eyewitnesses testified to the unspeakable torment of radiation sickness.’
    • ‘Hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to stay indoors for the day and dozens of people are suffering radiation sickness.’
    • ‘However, no individual cases of radiation sickness are discussed in any detail.’
    • ‘Sam performs an autopsy on a car crash victim and finds the body is wrought with radiation sickness.’
    • ‘A dirty bomb would boost the radiation level above normal levels, increasing the risk of cancer and radiation sickness to some degree.’
    • ‘You could get radiation sickness if you happen to be in the area.’
    • ‘Symptoms of radiation sickness evolve over time in distinct phases.’
    • ‘People very close to the blast could conceivably suffer radiation sickness and might require hospital care.’
    • ‘Detonated in a densely populated city, it can kill thousands from radiation sickness and leave the area uninhabitable.’
    • ‘I was offering something that could treat radiation sickness.’
    • ‘He remained alive for over six months, but doctors described his body as ‘ravaged’ by radiation sickness.’
    • ‘Who cared if they got radiation sickness, as long as the ore was being mined?’
    • ‘Though winds don't blow across the equator, that doesn't make it a sanitary cordon; the winds carrying the radiation sickness obey a pressure equator that shifts seasonally.’
    • ‘The bomb can be made from ordinary explosives in package with radioactive materials, which are diffused by the explosion and may cause radiation sickness in the immediate vicinity.’
    • ‘Over the next several months, tens of thousands more died from their injuries, including radiation sickness caused by the nuclear devices.’
    • ‘The final two survivors are doctors, who have to contend with the human cost of the collapse of Hiroshima's infrastructure and who document the details of radiation sickness.’
    • ‘He said most of the troops had been inoculated against anthrax, while they also possessed antidotes to combat nerve gas and tablets to alleviate effects of radiation sickness.’
    • ‘However, the civilians who were killed by the bomb and the survivors who developed radiation sickness left an unforgettable legacy of fear.’
    • ‘They suffered from radiation sickness, but the military denied that was the cause of their illness.’