Definition of radial symmetry in English:

radial symmetry


mass nounBiology
  • Symmetry about a central axis, as in a starfish or a tulip flower.

    ‘starfish have a fivefold radial symmetry’
    • ‘The flower-head consists of a set of petals arranged in radial symmetry around a cluster of stamens, and the flower-head is carried on a stalk which bears a set of leaves.’
    • ‘The jellyfish and starfish both live in the water, have radial symmetry, and are invertebrates, so you might suppose that they belong together in a group.’
    • ‘If you were to watch an embryonic starfish develop, you would see that it begins life bilaterally, but switches to radial symmetry as it matures.’
    • ‘The group is easily recognized by their radial symmetry, with a central nonseptate axis to which are attached whorls of lateral appendages which may or may not be branched.’
    • ‘A variant has also been developed to acquire metabolite maps from plants with high radial symmetry.’