Definition of radial engine in English:

radial engine


  • A type of internal combustion engine used chiefly in aircraft, having its cylinders fixed radially around a rotating crankshaft.

    • ‘The Navy reasoned that air-cooled radial engines offered added reliability, especially when operating over water.’
    • ‘In another cost-cutting move, many M4s were equipped with a radial engine originally designed for aircraft.’
    • ‘‘Those late model R - 3350s are about the best radial engines ever made,’ he stated.’
    • ‘This multi-mission aircraft design was driven by the physical dimensions of the M- 14P 360-horsepower air-cooled ninecylinder radial engine.’
    • ‘As I now exited my fighter, its radial engine slowing down, I could see our massive fleet.’
    • ‘Transporting the plane on the ground isn't anywhere near as fun and exciting as flying the Starliner and hearing the roar of those four radial engines!’
    • ‘One important concession has been made with a more modern radial engine replacing the original rotary engine.’
    • ‘In a truly amazing discovery, an unused Bristol Mercury XX radial engine was found in its original crate and this powerplant has been restored to be fitted to the Lysander.’
    • ‘During his spare time, Northrop began designing a sleek multi-seat monoplane that would be powered by a large radial engine.’
    • ‘Some designers and pilots preferred finding the biggest radial engine they could and shoe-homing it into the smallest design possible.’