Definition of racketeer in English:



  • A person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.

    • ‘Liam shows himself quite adept at the drug business, and eventually attracts the notice of local racketeers.’
    • ‘In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.’
    • ‘They are vulnerable to racketeers, and their children are permanent targets for kidnappers.’
    • ‘You see, before I was a journalist, I worked for a living as an investigator of corporate racketeers.’
    • ‘Years of sanctions have left behind an economy dominated by racketeers and smugglers.’
    • ‘He idolised prize-fighters, regarded racketeers as his friends and loved money though he had difficulty holding on to it.’
    • ‘She would recount how it was possible to buy anything - from meat, chocolate, cigarettes and the obligatory ‘nylons’ - from the spivs and black market racketeers.’
    • ‘In Division Street, for example, he interviewed a host of people living in or near Chicago, including racketeers, landladies, bar owners, steelworkers, slum-dwellers and social workers.’
    • ‘The area is closely monitored by the police so there is no chance for dealers, pimps and protection racketeers to move in.’
    • ‘Investigators and prosecutors must be seen to attack with full force the betrayers of the public trust who are aligned with the gangsters, racketeers and terrorists keeping this country under siege.’
    • ‘The German authorities are fearful that thousands of illegal immigrants, including drugs and prostitution racketeers, could use the country's fast-lane visa regulations to enter the country.’
    • ‘In effect, Colombian racketeers have successfully managed to penetrate and profit from the latest trend in the North American illegal drug market.’
    • ‘Murderers and convicted racketeers will no longer be permitted to drive hazardous materials on the nation's interstates.’
    • ‘True, over the last decade, prosecutors have at last begun to figure out how to break the mob's hold; they have thrown some big racketeers in jail and forcibly injected economic competition into mobbed-up industries.’
    • ‘In the United States a law against mob racketeers has been misapplied in all sorts of spheres, including throughout the securities industry.’
    • ‘The coup organisers are a group of public school boys and financial racketeers who have grabbed fabulous wealth through their arms deals.’
    • ‘In my opinion, if the Government bans begging, the racketeers would nullify it by using their contacts with the political parties to overcome the ban.’
    • ‘The film makes it clear that this miserable combination of time and place provides endless opportunities for racketeers.’
    • ‘It's worth remembering that it's not only the obvious racketeers who are guilty of enticing people to run up debts they can't afford.’
    • ‘One week he's thwarting kidnappers in Rome; the next he might be battling racketeers in London or teaching a spoiled heiress a lesson in the Spanish countryside.’
    criminal, lawbreaker, outlaw, offender, felon, convict, jailbird, malefactor, wrongdoer, black hat, supervillain
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