Definition of racing car in English:

racing car


  • A car built for racing on a prepared track.

    • ‘The group's core business is the design, engineering and manufacture of road and racing cars and engines.’
    • ‘This racing car has been seen on the grid since 2002 and has set standards particularly on the safety technology front.’
    • ‘Vintage open-wheel racing cars also will be on display.’
    • ‘In addition to the display of every Porsche model, set out in chronological order, historic racing cars will be on show in the pit garages, with owners dressed in period costume.’
    • ‘On the sports event side, more than fifty racing cars are enrolled.’
    • ‘Sunday looks equally as interesting with classes for TVRs, Westfields, Triumphs, modified road cars and some very quick single seater racing cars too.’
    • ‘I had no desire to get back in the racing car since then.’
    • ‘And in their close and thrilling battles for the fastest lap times, the six aces demonstrated that they haven't lost the skills to take a racing car to its very limits.’
    • ‘Now, aged 24, he has just signed up for the job of a lifetime - driving some of the world's best racing cars at Grand Prix level.’
    • ‘‘Testing was the first time I'd sat in a racing car for 10 months,’ he confirmed.’
    • ‘Both aircraft and racing cars embody all elements of high performance engineering and demonstrate innovative engineering solutions in the world's most extreme environments.’
    • ‘Once you get behind the wheel of a racing car you want nothing but victory.’
    • ‘There will be classic and vintage cars, racing cars, go-carts, bikes, trucks, service vehicles and just about anything else with wheels.’
    • ‘However, The Silverstone Classic is not just about Grand Prix racing cars.’
    • ‘Imagine riding a bicycle round your bathroom and you get an idea of the difficulty of threading the most powerful racing cars in the world through the slow and twisty turns of the last great street circuit.’
    • ‘Spectators will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most loved, and best presented classic racing cars in the world.’
    • ‘Many of these important historic racing cars are driven by famous faces from motor sport past and present.’
    • ‘In addition, the cars have been designed in the wind tunnel to minimise the slipstream effect of modern racing cars, which will also aid overtaking, so exciting races are guaranteed.’
    • ‘Techniques for generating massive amounts of downforce from the bodywork of a single-seater racing car have limited practical application.’
    • ‘We have achieved this by developing a top class timetable of events, featuring rare and valuable racing cars right up to the 80s and 90s.’


racing car