Definition of quotative in English:



  • (of a construction or expression) expressing or introducing quoted words.

    ‘natural quotative verbs, like 'say', 'insist', and 'explain'’
    • ‘The quotative usage by itself isn't enough, otherwise you'd see things like: He seems all I really have a case.’
    • ‘I'm skeptical of Ward's theory, because in other journalistic publications, it's easy to find examples of quotative inversion.’
    • ‘However, among the first 30 returns, I found 4 quotative tags.’
    • ‘However, such (mis) uses in quotative tags are fairly common.’
    • ‘This often puts them on the spot to think up yet another appropriately nuanced "synonym" for one of the common and natural quotative verbs, like say, insist, explain.’


  • A quotative construction or expression.

    ‘the members of the group believed that quotative 'all' was very common these days in the speech of the young’
    • ‘The present study broadens our understanding of the extent to which new forms of quotatives are established in American English by looking at their use across different registers of spoken interaction.’
    • ‘There's a new quotative making the rounds.’
    • ‘Nowadays be like has turned into a widely-used all-purpose quotative since its immergence in the 1980s.’
    • ‘But in Standard Spoken English, we use the indirect quotative almost exclusively.’
    • ‘Like as a quotative—a way of indicating speech—has spread like a global brushfire, cutting across ethnic and social lines.’