Definition of quitter in English:



  • usually with negative A person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task.

    ‘he's no quitter’
    • ‘But, there is a simple philosophy that I always use and I drill into my students from their first day in first year and that's ‘never quit because quitter never wins anything’.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I'm not a quitter and I intend to fight this all the way.’’
    • ‘In retrospect it might have been worth conceding the point and paying that extra penny but I've never been a quitter and some things, like holding people to their pledges, are worth making a stand for.’
    • ‘This is not a game for wimps, quitters, or the easily-bruised: there will be no quick fixes.’
    • ‘It will be a tough job but I've never been a quitter in my playing career and I certainly won't be a quitter it in my coaching career.’
    • ‘We can't be quitters, because we've done that enough.’
    • ‘As the great quitter memorably put it: ‘They're the second-best team in the world, and there's no greater praise than that.’’
    • ‘But sometimes that attitude makes me a quitter.’
    • ‘But it's never good to drop out of a race and I'm not a quitter.’
    • ‘I'm not one of life's quitters and neither is she.’
    • ‘Because I said I would, and if I give in I'll be a quitter.’
    • ‘Well… they underestimated me because I am a fighter and not a quitter.’
    • ‘I asked my dad if he thought I was a quitter and he said ‘Oh no honey, I don't think you're a quitter, I think you're a bad decision maker.’’
    • ‘‘Winners never quit and quitters never win,’ says one.’
    • ‘Never let it be said that the British are quitters.’
    • ‘When asked about stopping I always say, ‘My mother didn't raise a quitter.’’
    • ‘Tom was never a quitter and his pure determination and faith were very prominent.’
    • ‘‘I didn't want to go back a loser,’ he said with that steely determination that separates the survivors from the quitters.’
    • ‘I may be a neurotic slacker set in my ways but I'm not a quitter - a little contradictory I know but they'll have to literally throw me off the course before I finally accept total academic defeat.’
    • ‘It was hard to believe that the man responsible for some of the theatre's most arresting stage moments, not to mention the baroque decoration of the foyer and the cool elegance of the posters and programmes, could be a quitter.’