Definition of quite a — in English:

quite a —

(also quite the —)


  • Used to indicate that the specified person or thing is perceived as particularly notable, remarkable, or impressive.

    ‘quite a party, isn't it?’
    ‘quite the little horsewoman, aren't you?’
    • ‘Sure, it wasn't quite the indulgences of our 20's.’
    • ‘There was quite the little gong show to prep for the party.’
    • ‘So anyway, I know you're quite the ladies' man.’
    • ‘Oh, we're quite the horticultural socialites these days, I think you'll find.’
    • ‘Now, he's quite a character in this book, and obviously was quite a character in real life, as we say.’
    • ‘Dori's got quite the little set-up there, by the way.’
    • ‘They were simply awesome, quite the masters of the situation.’
    • ‘Perhaps the best part of my visit was visiting my great aunt and uncle, who were both quite the pioneers back in their day.’
    • ‘‘My parents are quite the eccentrics; they let me do whatever I want,’ she says.’
    • ‘He is quite the ladies' man, always chasing the girls.’