Definition of Quirinal in English:


(also Quirinale)


  • Of, relating to, or designating the northernmost of the traditional seven hills of Rome, or a building or institution located on this hill. Especially in "Quirinal Hill", "Quirinal Palace".


  • 1The Quirinal Hill in Rome.

  • 2The palace on the Quirinal Hill in Rome, originally built as a papal summer residence and later used as the palace first of the monarchs and then of the presidents of Italy. Also in extended use: the Italian monarchy, or government, especially as distinguished from the Vatican.


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in John Bellenden (c1495–a1548), poet and translator. Partly from classical Latin Quirīnālis of or belonging to Quirinus, especially in collis Quirīnālis the Quirinal Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome (from Quirīnus, the name of a god worshipped on the Quirinal Hill at Rome + -ālis), and partly from Italian Quirinale, noun, quirinale, adjective.