Definition of quietly in English:



  • In a quiet manner.

    ‘he worked quietly and diligently’
    as submodifier ‘she was quietly confident that they'd win’
    • ‘The morning started quietly in bright sun but with a chill wind, a day with one foot in winter and one in spring.’
    • ‘The game started quietly as both teams came to terms with slippery conditions.’
    • ‘He speaks so quietly and so modestly that it is hard to envisage him as the authoritative playmaker that he is.’
    • ‘By now quietly wishing I was back home again, I wandered into town and bought some lunch.’
    • ‘In this project, she imagines, she will be quietly supported by her new acquaintances.’
    • ‘He has quietly become one of the leading players, winning six times over the past three seasons.’
    • ‘Whether he can turn a club around as easily as he can a game remains to be seen but he's quietly confident.’
    • ‘A host of friends remember him only as a kindly old man, quietly spoken and with a good sense of humour.’
    • ‘All evening he'd been sitting quietly on a bench not saying a word to anyone.’
    • ‘They stayed for a while, talking quietly in the sun but it was clear they felt out of place, out of their own world.’
    • ‘He is quietly confident that he is steering the economic juggernaut in the right direction.’
    • ‘Do you hit the town after dark, collapse quietly with a book or go celebrity-spotting?’
    • ‘We went into the game quietly confident that we could win it but we paid a high price.’
    • ‘Toddlers are skilled at roaring around - sitting them down quietly is much more of a task.’
    • ‘We left quietly, one by one, without telling anyone and without taking anything with us.’
    • ‘These three major appointments were announced quietly in a press release a couple of weeks ago.’
    • ‘Sipping from a bottle of water, he speaks quietly and carefully, rarely animated.’
    • ‘People are also coming to church during the week, sometimes just to sit quietly and reflect.’
    • ‘The family sitting out on blankets under the stars, talking quietly, is not foreign to me.’
    • ‘The carriage was surprisingly relaxing and even the children chattered quietly.’
    silently, in silence, noiselessly, soundlessly, inaudibly
    softly, making little noise, in a low voice, in hushed tones, in low tones, in muted tones, in subdued tones, in a mumble, in a murmur, in a whisper, murmuringly, under one's breath, in an undertone, sotto voce, gently, faintly, weakly, feebly
    discreetly, privately, confidentially, secretly, unofficially, off the record, between ourselves, between you and me, between you and me and the bedpost, between you and me and the doorpost, between you and me and the gatepost, between you and me and the wall
    unobtrusively, unostentatiously, unpretentiously, with restraint, with reserve, conservatively, soberly, modestly, demurely, plainly
    calmly, patiently, placidly, serenely, undemonstratively, unemotionally, unassumingly
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  • just quietly

    • informal Confidentially.

      • ‘And just quietly; an extremely over-rated captain too.’
      • ‘But, just quietly, I think there's something very creepy about breeding thousands of living things for the purpose of being killed and eaten by a ravenous human market accustomed to its luxuries.’
      • ‘Their second album should be out in April… just quietly, I've heard a few tracks, and it's sounding sublime.’
      • ‘Then, after all the fuss, they'll just quietly send them on to New Zealand.’
      • ‘We just quietly have negotiations with them and don't negotiate in public.’
      • ‘But, no, we just quietly wiped out 30 percent of the revenue of pharmacies.’
      • ‘These companies don't just quietly produce quality clothing that is sweatshop-free - they broadcast their social mission loud and clear.’