Definition of quieten in English:



  • Make or become quiet and calm.

    with object ‘her mother was trying to quieten her’
    ‘things seemed to have quietened down’
    • ‘We have not had any reports in the last couple of weeks, so things must be quietening down.’
    • ‘Perhaps the churning of the twentieth century has quietened and we are returning to a society of strong traditions with a focus on continuity rather than change.’
    • ‘At one stage the noise was like bedlam, then it was as if a magic wand had quietened everyone; a steady drift down to theatre, then it was me.’
    • ‘But as the shark moves casually past my terror is finally quietened, my body flooded instead by a feeling I can only describe as wonder.’
    • ‘It is quietening down and people are getting off the street.’
    • ‘It just seemed to be the best way to do it and it certainly quietened Ann for the rest of the day.’
    • ‘That restricted her family time, but the outstanding results she achieved quietened their mild complaints.’
    • ‘Perhaps the hot weather quietens everything - so much so that it is not easy to remember that the canal was once a bustling and live channel.’
    • ‘Public art had gone from being a spontaneous expression of popular will to a way of restraining and quietening the public down.’
    • ‘After the initial damage within the centre, the atmosphere quietened.’
    • ‘His frustration was compounded in the first set by the fact that he was unable to hold on to an early break of serve which would have quietened the crowd.’
    • ‘When storms are brewing, he speaks, and quietens the waters.’
    • ‘Although quietened by their leader, his more bullish followers claim this is because he believes he can win the first stage of the campaign purely on the momentum he has already built up.’
    • ‘Then I quietened my seething spirits with a small bag of fish and chips which I enjoyed while sitting on a bench in the town square.’
    • ‘The rebels quietened crying children by firing their guns into the air.’
    silence, make quieter, hush, shush, quiet, still
    fall silent, stop talking, break off, become quiet, quieten down, grow silent, shush, hold one's tongue
    calm, calm down, pacify, soothe, subdue, tranquillize, cool, content, silence, relax, comfort, compose
    allay, appease, assuage, mollify, palliate, ease, lessen, reduce, abate, mitigate, moderate, stifle, dull, deaden, lull, temper, subjugate, repress, quell, quash, overcome, rise above
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