Definition of querulousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwɛrjʊləsnəs//ˈkwɛrʊləsnəs/


  • See querulous

    • ‘We studiously avoided that tone of spoiled and bored querulousness for which colonials were infamous.’
    • ‘He manages an earnest tone to his voice with just a touch of querulousness that suggests he'd be affronted that anyone could even think that he might not be telling the truth.’
    • ‘There is no reason whatever to suppose that the judge's querulousness with counsel has become an inability impartially to assess the case.’
    • ‘Nothing is more predictable than the behaviour of the drinking alcoholic - the querulousness, the delusions, the remorse, the dreams that are talked about so often and acted upon so rarely.’
    • ‘No wonder that the British have changed in character, their sturdy independence replaced with passivity, querulousness, or even, at the lower reaches of society, a sullen resentment that not enough has been or is being done for them.’