Definition of quernstone in English:



  • Either of the two circular stones forming a quern, found at prehistoric sites from the Neolithic onwards.

    • ‘Roman debris was left scattered over the surface of the road, including a Roman boot - just the hobnails survive - a quernstone and broken pottery.’
    • ‘Pottery, flint tools, arrowheads, and quernstones (for grinding cereals) were found.’
    • ‘But we might remember too that the litter and discard which accompany decay are interesting in their heterogeneity: juxtapositions of fibula and quernstone, gold ring and ox scapula in sifting through the cultural rubbish tip.’
    • ‘Within the border zone on the nearer side of the frontier, the haul of finds during an excavation might consist of two or three shards of Roman pottery, a glass bead or fragment of a glass bangle, some iron fragments, and quernstones.’
    • ‘Other finds include part of a quernstone for milling flour and stones used to sharpen knives.’