Definition of quenchable in English:



  • See quench

    • ‘Clearly, quenchable free radicals are the primary source of plasmid nicking in the purified solutions.’
    • ‘His religion, together with a barely quenchable self-belief, regardless of the difficulties he faced, brought ‘an almost amoral’ quality to his life.’
    • ‘The inverse of the y-intercept in Fig.4 B is indicative of the quenchable fraction of fluorophores.’
    • ‘Those who do will hear about people with an insatiable but never quenchable longing for the other, such as Feuer Und Wasser (Fire and Water), the power of primeval instincts of Zerstoren and fatal misunderstandings in Spring.’
    • ‘The stability of sterol-enriched domains in mixed lipid bilayers was studied by determining the fraction of CTL emission that was quenchable by 12SLPC (a quencher located outside the L o domains) as a function of temperature.’