Definition of queer-looking in English:



  • Strange or odd in appearance.

    ‘a queer-looking, luminous form floated around in the air’
    • ‘It was a heavy load for me to pack; and I have no doubt I made a queer-looking picture.’
    • ‘In February 1929, a student paper reported that they had kept a severed dog's head alive for three and a half hours with "a queer-looking affair made of glass and rubber tubing".’
    • ‘"He's a queer-looking chap, with his pale yellow skin."’
    • ‘We passed a garden on the way that was filled with beautiful (some queer-looking) blooms.’
    • ‘The site is a circus of curiosities, from the queer-looking craft stalls to the life-size animal installations.’
    • ‘I have this strange affinity towards "queer-looking" things and creatures (I myself am odd at times).’