Definition of queeny in English:


adjectivequeeniest, queenier

  • (of a homosexual man) flamboyantly effeminate.

    ‘a queeny movie director’
    • ‘There is some queeny banter going on around us.’
    • ‘But using a famously queeny actor to accomplish this task of reassurance makes the film interesting to us fifty years later.’
    • ‘Sometimes they only let couples in - I actually had to pretend to be gay and throw a queeny fit to glean admittance.’
    • ‘But there were always the motorcycle lesbians and there were always some very brave queeny men who were willing to do that.’
    • ‘They were then at pains to assure me that I had never written anything remotely "queeny" on here since.’
    • ‘Surrounded by people who were disinclined to take her seriously, the columnist abandoned the queeny hauteur and theatrical affectations that have been her television trademarks.’
    • ‘I had a queeny moment.’
    • ‘Moreover, we pledge that we will not have our uniforms redesigned on an annual basis by queeny coutouriers and put up our ticket prices on the strength of it.’
    • ‘Colleagues at work have been either very impressed (women, young people and the vaguely queeny boy in IT) or derisory (most of the men).’
    • ‘I was instructed as to how to be more queeny, more queer, more homosexual, more believable.’
    • ‘All the queeny boys who had done their hair just right and hadn't brought their new raincoats had to laugh off their disarray in the coffee house.’
    • ‘It's easy to fall into the trap of that campy, queeny thing, but he carried it off with such grace - there was a beautiful elegance to him.’
    • ‘The Scouser is ignorant, stupid and fat, the gay dad is queeny, stupid and over-dressed and the Asian is stingy, stupid and scared of his mum.’
    • ‘And he does seem promisingly queeny.’