Definition of queenliness in English:



  • See queenly

    • ‘Queen Victoria's effigy, in various stages of queenliness, stands at many points in the metropolis.’
    • ‘And let the last word quoted here be one of Elizabeth's own, illustrative of her strangely mingled temperament of queenliness and insolence.’
    • ‘The set of her head at downstage left and the slight angle of the jaw conveyed queenliness and deadly resolve.’
    • ‘Mary graduates from a tense, haunted guilt about her role in the murder of Darnley to a radiant, assured queenliness in the spiritual honesty and dignity with which she faces death.’
    • ‘As Matthew Woodcock points out, there have been many studies of queenliness in Spenser's The Faerie Queene, but very few that made sense of the poet's use of fairy.’