Definition of queenlike in English:



  • See queen

    • ‘She sat in queen-like fashion on the kitchen stool, looking faintly disapproving and intent on examining her newly painted nails.’
    • ‘Gillot in Colerique, with sharp movements and hot temper, was in her elements and led the company on to the finale with a queen-like authority.’
    • ‘It shows the Queen with orb and sceptre as emblems of her rule appearing queen-like rather than as an individualised subject.’
    • ‘This will give an indication of how queen-like the anarchistic worker-laid eggs are, because the viability of worker-laid and queen-laid eggs are similar, so any differences in persistence will be the result of egg removal.’
    • ‘Ovaries were assigned categorical scores from zero (no visible oocyte development, filamentous) to three (fully developed, queen-like ovaries).’