Definition of queenless in English:



  • See queen

    • ‘He became the first queenless king in all of history!’
    • ‘This was a more dramatic example, as in a queenless middlegame White played b4-b5 (without a- or c-pawns) while Black had pawns on a6 and c6.’
    • ‘In the queenless ant S. peetersi, dyadic aggressions lead to a hierarchy, and only alpha mates (with one foreign male) and lays eggs.’
    • ‘Bareev opts to squeeze Shirov in the minimalist queenless middlegame arising from a Queen's Gambit Accepted - the position type seen in the memorable game 4 of the recent Kramnik-Kasparov match - where Bareev was a Kramnik second.’
    • ‘Japanese queenless ants, Pristomyrmex pungens, have been observed defending their nests, food resources, and recruitment trails against other conspecific colony members.’