Definition of queenie in English:



  • old-fashioned term for queen (sense 6 of the noun)
    • ‘Maybe the trend is a way for women to get their own back on all those queenie gay boys who've been going round calling themselves ‘she’ for years.’
    • ‘And anyway, by then, he's sussed out the shocker that the right is just riddled with other closeted queenies.’
    • ‘Damn, that queenie sure knows how to throw a party!’
    • ‘There's one on-again, off-again couple, a hunky guy (Superman's Dean Cain), a funny token black guy, a queenie guy and one old guy for good measure (Frasier's John Mahoney, who's really slumming it here).’
    • ‘Rules, I'm afraid he's picked up from that obnoxious queenie friend of his.’
    • ‘Even though I'm not queenie, I should have the right to be so!’
    • ‘I'm not trying to be exclusive and I'm not saying that the really queenie guy is a bad thing.’