Definition of queenfish in English:



  • An edible marine fish.

    a drumfish of the Pacific coast of North America (Seriphus politus, family Sciaenidae).

    a popular sporting fish of the Indo-Pacific (Chorinemus lysan, family Carangidae).

    • ‘In the mangrove-lined estuaries that ring most of the 2,000-miles of sparsely inhabited coast you can fish for trevally, queenfish or tarpon.’
    • ‘I also caught trevally (giants and blues) on the fly and a bunch of other species including queenfish and others which I can't name.’
    • ‘Bannerfish, moon wrasse and angelfish nibbled on jellyfish the size of a soccer ball, and just off the gully, the likes of queenfish, jacks, and golden trevally zoomed about.’
    • ‘Working the reefs around these islands regularly produce barracuda, various caranx species, largemouth queenfish, king and queen mackerel and various reef fish.’
    • ‘Sailfish, dorado, kingfish, barracuda, various snappers, cobia. trevally, jacks, queenfish, bonito and Spanish mackerel are some of the fish to be caught.’