Definition of Queen Street in English:

Queen Street


derogatory, informal
  • usually as modifier Used allusively to refer to a rich person from the city who dabbles in rural life for fun or profit.

    ‘being a Queen Street farmer complete with a hobby orchard was not for me’
    • ‘Local men describe themselves as a 'good honest bunch of real men, not plastic like your Queen Street fellas'.’
    • ‘Is it in order for a member to refer to another member as a Queen Street farmer and expect the latter to remain silent?’
    • ‘Harry wants to retire and become a Queen Street farmer.’
    • ‘Sometimes I felt like a Queen Street cowboy, one of those blokes who comes out to the country from the city and gets all done up in cowboy gear when he hasn't even seen a horse, let alone ridden one.’
    • ‘The bodies of the Queen Street fellas are trim, lithe, and flexible.’
    • ‘My colleague Doug is very well-known as a farmer, unlike others on that committee who are "Queen Street farmers".’
    • ‘The possibility of converting income into tax-free capital gains was greater in fanning than elsewhere—the major attraction for Queen Street farmers.’
    • ‘'Rural kiwi blokehood' appears to be giving way to the 'plastic Queen Street fellas'.’
    • ‘Very low employment to profit ratio and a high level of mechanization means massive profits for a handful of Queen Street cockies.’
    • ‘I dismissed the idea consoling myself with the thought that all farmers must start in a modest way, except possibly the Queen Street blokes.’


Late 19th century: from the name of a major street in the business district of Brisbane.