Definition of queen mother in English:

queen mother


  • The widow of a king and mother of the sovereign.

    • ‘I suppose the most interesting thing, perhaps for some people, is the fact that Clarence House, the queen mother's old home, is opening up in a few days' time.’
    • ‘They used to talk about us four, that was George VI, the queen mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth.’
    • ‘The difference is that all of the popularity of the queen mother helped the monarchy.’
    • ‘Louise Fradenburg paints a picture of Anglo-Scottish relations during the minority of James V, concentrating of the position and role played by the English queen mother, sister of Henry VIII.’
    • ‘Well, the death of the queen mother, Queen Mother Elizabeth, ends a long and often dramatic chapter in British royal history.’
    • ‘I bet they don't have those to commemorate the queen mother.’
    • ‘He warned the queen mother: ‘it is necessary to stop the rumours which are perhaps the cause of a greater ill than has happened in the kingdom in my memory.’’
    • ‘Nor is there much doubt that when her time comes the queen mother will get a rather grander send-off.’
    • ‘Here was displayed ‘an entire mummy from Egypt, a great rarity,’ which the queen mother, Anne of Denmark, that other notable grotto fancier, had given to him.’
    • ‘They now reside at Clarence House, a 19th century London mansion where the queen mother last lived.’
    • ‘A government run by a foreign queen mother and an Italian adventurer lacked the authority of an adult sovereign.’
    • ‘Noel Coward called such luminaries as Dietrich, Garland, Burton, Taylor, Sinatra, the Oliviers, and the queen mother his friends.’
    • ‘The queen mother approaches the end of her life, her daughter passes a historic milestone, and the young prince steps forward to take his place in line: perfect.’
    • ‘Last year we asked a panel of royal observers about the queen mother's health.’
    • ‘The best explanation for his volte-face was the willingness of Cardinal Beaton and the queen mother, Mary of Lorraine, to confirm him as heir apparent.’
    • ‘It's really very impressive, and the great respect the people have had for the queen has now turned into great love and admiration, the type of love that people displayed toward her mother, the queen mother, who died recently.’
    • ‘It is true that the Fronde had produced an outpouring of political literature, most of it incredibly crude and hostile to the queen mother and Mazarin, but it was a brush fire whose blaze was as brief as it was intense.’
    • ‘And it's easy enough to dismiss the blue-rinse ladies who mourn the passing of the queen mother.’
    • ‘Well, the queen mother was an inspirational woman.’
    • ‘Consequently, Holly Hanson's chapter on the decline of the position of the queen mother of the Buganda Kingdom is most welcome.’
    monarch, sovereign, head of state, ruler, crown, her majesty
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queen mother

/kwiːn ˈmʌðə/