Definition of Queen in Council in English:

Queen in Council


  • (in the UK) the Privy Council as issuing Orders in Council or receiving petitions when the reigning monarch is a queen.

    ‘his position was made by Queen in Council’
    • ‘Royal Assent is required for all primary legislation and this power vests in the Queen in Council, but in most cases is exercised by the Lieutenant Governor under delegated authority.’
    • ‘This argument that the Commissioner is not the agent or delegate of the Queen in Council is wholly bloodless.’
    • ‘The process of appealing the judgement of a final court of appeal to the Queen in Council does not strictly amount to the existence of a further tier of appeal within the ordinary judicial hierarchy, but is an appeal directly to the fount of justice.’
    • ‘They have wide powers of self-government, although primary legislation passed by the assemblies requires approval by The Queen in Council.’
    • ‘I am sorry, I want to seek leave for a certificate to take the matter to the Queen in Council because of the fact that there is a High Court Judge in the writ.’