Definition of queen bee in English:

queen bee


  • 1The single reproductive female in a hive or colony of honeybees.

    • ‘Clynderwen beekeeper, Tom Pegg, quickly responded to an urgent phone call and, after calming the bees with a fine mist of water, he was able to transfer the queen bee into a box.’
    • ‘Erland Omand plans to sell traditional clover honey through outlets across the UK's as well as breeding pedigree queen bees for sale across the world.’
    • ‘To scientists, that's as bizarre a finding as a queen bee spawning a colony of ants.’
    • ‘While this may be true for a drone bee mating for the first time with a queen bee, or the Pacific salmon which spawns once and dies, is it true of humans?’
    • ‘But the third factor is undeniably true: EHB queen bees mate disproportionately with African drones, resulting in rapid displacement of EHB genes in a colony.’
    • ‘The queen bee eats the workers' eggs to retain her control over the colony.’
    • ‘Simple - the queen bee and drones that are hard at it both contain the genetic constituents required to continue the worker line.’
    • ‘A Royal beekeeper rushed to the rescue when a queen bee sent a buzz of excitement around Windsor Castle.’
    • ‘That lasts the queen bee about three years laying up to 5000 eggs a day.’
    • ‘Meet bee keeper, Matt Moran and see the queen bee, her drones and all her worker bees making honey.’
    • ‘There is usually one queen bee and some 40,000 to 50,000 worker bees per hive in summertime.’
    • ‘They said the varroa mite, likely introduced to New Zealand five years ago on an illegally imported queen bee, has decimated feral bees, and orchard and home fruit trees need help.’
    • ‘The hive is run by a queen bee, who can live for several years.’
    • ‘The trade and transportation of queen bees and swarms of bees without a certificate of origin and a veterinary certificate would be prohibited under the bill.’
    • ‘Produced by glands in worker bees' heads, royal jelly is fed to larvae and the adult queen bee.’
    • ‘He intends to build up a stock of specifically bred queen bees for export nationally and internationally.’
    • ‘Our scientists surmised that the bulk of any emotional consideration was left to the queens, who ruled the Zylon like a queen bee does her hive.’
    • ‘He explained that a hive of bees consists of a queen bee, a few hundred drone bees and the remainder are workers.’
    • ‘In nature, a queen bee will mate with as many as 20 drones.’
    • ‘Under the agreement, third-generation apiarist Steven S. Bernard is authorized to raise and sell pure-Russian breeder queen bees on a first-come, first-served basis.’
    1. 1.1informal A woman who has a dominant or controlling position in a particular group or sphere.
      ‘Sarah was the queen bee of the Society circuit’
      • ‘Washington DC is a matriarchal society and I am the queen bee.’
      • ‘Plus, Sam, the queen bee, went out with one of the guys who used to sit with us, and has stuck around since he left.’
      • ‘The blond is Hadley, the queen bee of a trio of rich college girls on a campus in North Carolina.’
      • ‘This is what passes as my social life; I am such the queen bee, don't you think?’
      • ‘The source of her insecurity is Evie, a manipulative queen bee.’
      • ‘And the queen bee back in high school is here too.’
      • ‘One day the queen bee will fall, Annie, and we'll take her place together.’
      • ‘You frequently attend baseball games just to imagine that the spectators are all bees and you are their queen bee.’
      • ‘The role of Eva Phillips, the queen bee who achieves her selfish aims by stinging any rivals around her that might challenge her supremacy, seemed tailor-made for Crawford.’
      • ‘‘How considerate,’ the queen bee replied icily.’
      • ‘At 16, she is queen bee among this new breed of teen girls.’
      • ‘I think she liked being the queen bee surrounded by men.’
      • ‘She was always the one who knew which game to play, she taught most of the class how to tie their shoelaces, and she was the queen bee of her group of friends.’
      • ‘She came to beauty after a career as a Fleet Street fashion editor and has been queen bee of the lip gloss at Vogue for four years.’
      • ‘Earlier that day, grinning happily, she had declared that she felt like the queen bee.’
      • ‘The queen bee herself will touch down in Montreal this Friday, and even though I wasn't able to chat with her, I can still make sure you all know that this is one of the best right here.’
      • ‘This author seems to be the queen bee of this niche.’
      • ‘The father's extramarital activities are beginning to wear on his marriage, and the mother is a basket case trapped in the iron grip of her domineering queen bee of a mother.’
      • ‘It did get tiring sometimes being the queen bee.’
      • ‘She is the fashion correspondent for the International Herald Tribune and by the lights of the arcane pecking order of this bizarre business is accepted as the queen bee.’
      doyenne, star, leading light, celebrity, big name, superstar, top dog, mistress, prima donna, idol, heroine, favourite, darling
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queen bee