Definition of Queen Anne's Bounty in English:

Queen Anne's Bounty


mass nounhistorical
  • Duties called ‘first fruits and tenths’, payable originally to the Pope but made payable to the Crown by Henry VIII, and directed by Queen Anne in 1704 to be used to augment the livings of the poorer clergy.

    • ‘In 1704 the revenue was diverted to found Queen Anne's Bounty, to augment the incomes of poor livings.’
    • ‘These were known as Danegeld, land tax, and Queen Anne's Bounty.’
    • ‘The purchase money from such a sale was to be paid to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty who would apply the sum towards the erection of purchase of a new residence house.’
    • ‘Two centuries later the money would be used to benefit poor clergy via the auspices of Queen Anne’s Bounty.’
    • ‘The meagre resources of Queen Anne's Bounty could not adequately address the internal structural problems of the church, which seriously hampered its pastoral efficiency.’