Definition of Queen's Speech in English:

Queen's Speech


  • (in the UK) a statement read by the sovereign at the opening of a new session of parliament, detailing the government's proposed legislative programme.

    ‘ministers were planning to introduce legislation in the Queen's Speech’
    • ‘The Drugs Bill announced in the Queen's Speech on Tuesday will see the introduction of compulsory blood tests for many people who are arrested.’
    • ‘The legal reforms proposed in the Queen's Speech raise ominous questions about the future of the entire criminal justice system.’
    • ‘According to the Home Office, the next Queen's Speech will contain proposals to ban discrimination in the provision of goods and services on the basis of a person's faith or belief.’
    • ‘The plans were outlined in the Queen's Speech at the state opening of Parliament earlier this week’
    • ‘The measure, announced in the Queen's Speech on Wednesday, was included in a Bill to reform the country's outdated drinking laws and allow town centre pubs to open round the clock.’
    • ‘His Mansion House speech completely upstaged the PM's announcements in the Queen's Speech of the same day.’
    • ‘Legislation in Parliament is driven by what is said in the Queen's Speech that traditionally opens Parliament in November.’
    • ‘Smoking is to be banned in most enclosed public places under new government legislation announced in the Queen's Speech.’
    • ‘The new measures are likely to be added to the crime initiatives announced in the Queen's Speech.’
    • ‘Parliament was prorogued today, eagerly awaiting the Queen's Speech in the House tomorrow, where we will all be interested to hear of the Government's plans for future legislation.’
    • ‘A bill to protect people who have company pensions has been announced in the Queen's Speech.’
    • ‘The Government have placed fostering a culture of respect at the centre of their legislative programme in the Queen's Speech.’
    • ‘Finally, the proposal will be included in the Queen's Speech, along with statements of the government's other plans for the forthcoming session.’
    • ‘The Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament traditionally sets out the stall for the Government's legislative programme for the year ahead.’
    • ‘Since the plan was announced in the Queen's Speech on Wednesday, 136 MPs including a phalanx of ex-ministers have signed a motion demanding a rethink.’
    • ‘The government today tabled the bill announced in the Queen's Speech opening this session of parliament to provide for civil partnerships for gays in England and Wales.’
    • ‘Every year, the state opening of Parliament includes the Queen's Speech, which sets out the government's agenda for the coming year.’
    • ‘It had been expected that the Bill would be introduced in the Queen's Speech at the start of the next parliamentary session.’
    • ‘Clamping down on anti-social behaviour and giving victims a fairer deal in court are among a raft of crime-related measures and reforms announced in the Queen's Speech.’
    • ‘I believe that in the Queen's Speech at the next session of Parliament, a bill will be put forward which will allow for the future of hunting to be decided by an open vote in the Commons.’