Definition of Queen's Messenger in English:

Queen's Messenger


  • (in the UK) a courier in the diplomatic service, employed by the government to carry important official papers within Britain and abroad.

    • ‘These MoD couriers, who work closely with the Foreign Office’s Queen's Messengers, provide a secure service for carrying material classified secret and above outside Great Britain and for top secret and special category material within the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘The Corps of Queen's Messengers are couriers employed by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.’
    • ‘Princess Zichy flaunted her wiles on the Nice express, scheming to lift Victoria's costly present to the Czarina from a frisky Queen's Messenger.’
    • ‘Despite the potential sensitivity of the documents they carry, Queen's Messengers regularly travel on normal commercial flights.’
    • ‘In the first place, Colonel Dibblee was never, to my knowledge, a Queen's messenger.’