Definition of queen's knight in English:

queen's knight


  • Each player's knight on the queen's side of the board at the start of a game.

    • ‘Here and over the few next moves White chooses a ‘Velimirovic Attack’ type of plan, but one which is more appropriate for Sicilians in which Black plays… e6,… d6 and puts his queen's knight on c6.’
    • ‘I followed the game in my head until a note to move 20, where it said that ‘20.Rfc1 is an obvious alternative. White probably wanted to save that square for the queen's knight.’’
    • ‘Kramnik fianchettoes his bishop and delays developing his queen's knight until he can decide upon its best square.’
    • ‘If White defends with 5 Nf3 (5 c3 takes away the queen's knight's most useful square), Black plays the logical 5...Nc6, again attacking the d-pawn.’
    • ‘Locate the queen and to her left, the queen's bishop and the queen's knight.’