Definition of queen's bishop in English:

queen's bishop


  • Each player's bishop on the queen's side of the board at the start of a game.

    • ‘White can then attempt to exploit the premature development of Black's queen's bishop by following up with Qb3.’
    • ‘Should I try knight to king three or king's bishop to queen's bishop five?’
    • ‘I think that this led to my opponent's claim during the post-mortem that this move ‘loses’ and that 12… b6 would be better for Black because he would be able to develop his queen's bishop.’
    • ‘A good rule of thumb is to make White commit his Queen's bishop to the center behind the pawn chain and then close it up.’
    • ‘Similarly, it is determinate that a queen's bishop cannot capture the opposing queen's bishop, but there is something weird about asking if the queen's bishop is smarter than the opposing queen's bishop.’