Definition of Quechuan in English:


(also Quechan)

adjective & noun

  • See Quechua

    • ‘This is not to say that the Quechuan technology was primitive; in fact, it was the most advanced in the New World.’
    • ‘The tea, hoasca, which in the Quechuan Indian language means ‘vine of the soul,’ ‘vine of the dead,’ and ‘vision vine,’ comes from the Amazon rainforest.’
    • ‘Wendt reports that the name Potosi is derived from the Quechuan word Potocsi, meaning ‘thunder’ or ‘place of great noise.’’
    • ‘Every year an army of 8,000 Quechans bears the burden of food, clothing, bedding and camping equipment for the thousands of tourists who flock to the town of Cuzco to take part in the four-day hike to the famous ruined settlement.’
    • ‘Leaving the ruins, we're greeted by women in traditional Quechuan dress.’