Definition of quebracho in English:



  • A South American tree whose timber and bark are a rich source of tannin.

    Genera Aspidosperma (family Apocynaceae) and Schinopsis (family Anacardiaceae)

    • ‘The red quebracho grows only in the jungles of the Gran Chaco, an area along the banks of the Paraguay River.’
    • ‘The preferred condensed tannin, tannin from the Quebracho tree of sulfonated quebracho, is derived from the core of the tree of the genus Schinopsis, which is abundant in Argentina and Paraguay.’
    • ‘The woods are composed of the ‘red’ quebracho reaching some 15 m in height.’
    • ‘Ring dimensions were measured with dial calipers and results expressed as % equivalents to an 8-point standard curve of crude quebracho tannin.’


Late 19th century: from Spanish, from quebrar ‘to break’ + hacha ‘axe’.