Definition of queasiness in English:



  • See queasy

    • ‘My biggest concern was whether I was going to get seasick but the only queasiness I felt was on about day three, when we encountered sea-state seven, with swells up to 8m high bombarding the ship.’
    • ‘UK growth will continue into 2005; even with queasiness among consumers, growth should be above 2.5% next year.’
    • ‘Earlier this year Norwegian researchers found feelings of nausea and queasiness are due more to anxiety and depression than stomach problems.’
    • ‘Many women struggle with queasiness, nausea or vomiting in early pregnancy.’
    • ‘This gentle layering of queasiness takes the material and the language of our day and finds it not just self-sufficient, but immensely powerful: it is here, and in other poems like it in this collection, that Robertson is at his best.’