Definition of qubit in English:



  • another term for quantum bit
    • ‘The new work shows how a well-specified bath affects the qubits in a crystal which behaves as a very primitive quantum computer.’
    • ‘The two gates are the one-qubit rotation gate which controls the state of one qubit, and the controlled-NOT (C-NOT) gate which works as a conditional gate for two qubits.’
    • ‘Ions are arguably the leading candidate for use as qubits in a quantum computer.’
    • ‘But if quantum theorists are correct, quantum bits, or qubits, will enable more efficient problem solving because a qubit can simultaneously encode both a zero and a one.’
    • ‘The atoms can act as quantum bits, or qubits, with internal sub-states functioning as the ubiquitous and 1s of computing.’
    • ‘The ability to couple qubits to photons, demonstrated by the Yale group, could allow qubits on a chip to be wired together via a ‘quantum information bus’ carrying single photons.’
    • ‘Physicists believe that the quantum states of the electrons can be used as quantum bits - or qubits - for encoding data in a superfast quantum computer.’
    • ‘May 4, 1998 after decades of theoretical physics, a 2 qubit quantum computer capable of loading data and reading out a result is announced.’
    • ‘When two Josephson junctions are connected through a standard capacitor, the application of a small a.c. voltage pulse to the first qubit can cause the two qubits to oscillate between two combined states.’
    • ‘The researchers believe that these logic gates could be scaled up to include many qubits in a large, workable quantum computer.’
    • ‘The newly-built quantum computer consists of seven qubits, each corresponding to one nucleus in a large molecule.’
    • ‘In principle, tasks such as quantum cryptography, secret sharing and dense coding all benefit from using qudits larger than the qubit.’
    • ‘Quantum teleportation is the transferring of tiny units of computer information, called quantum bits or qubits, from one location to another.’
    • ‘The resolution of this addressing technique is about two thousandths of a millimetre - over a length of one millimetre, therefore, several hundred qubits could be stored.’
    • ‘The team is now working to create a quantum gate in which two or more qubits of the register will interact in a controlled way.’
    • ‘But to perform the logic operations vital to a quantum computer, two qubits have to become entangled.’
    • ‘A powerful quantum computer that could realize the remarkable potential of quantum computing would need at least many thousands of qubits.’
    • ‘The original qubit's quantum properties would be teleported to another qubit as the original qubit is measured.’
    • ‘When a quantum computer tries to copy a qubit, it forces the qubit to become either one or zero and destroys the information.’
    • ‘Quantum computers have the potential to be blazingly fast because a string of quantum bits, or qubits, that store the ones and zeros of computer information can represent all the numbers possible within that string at once.’


1990s: from qu antum bit, with punning allusion to cubit.