Definition of quasicrystal in English:



  • A locally regular aggregation of molecules resembling a crystal in certain properties (such as that of diffraction) but not having a consistent spatial periodicity.

    • ‘The alloy forms metastable icosahedral quasicrystals, but Kelton was focusing instead on the alloy's stable crystalline phase, a complex polytetrahedral arrangement called C14 Laves.’
    • ‘Quasicrystals exhibit unusual symmetries, which geologists had always thought were impossible in nature, but it turns out that quasicrystal structure can be explained by a form of Penrose tiling.’
    • ‘Previous work has suggested that Bloch-like waves - which describe electron motion in classic crystals - can occur in quasicrystals as well.’
    • ‘Intriguingly, a variant of the Kolakoski sequence involving the digits 1 and 3 may shed light on describing where atoms are located in unusual materials known as quasicrystals.’
    • ‘She was cited for ‘pioneering work on the surface structures, stabilities and other properties of metal films and quasicrystals, and elucidation of surface structure and chemistry of water on metals.’’