Definition of quasi-contractual in English:



  • See quasi contract

    • ‘The time is not ripe for approximating or unifying the national laws relating to the whole field of contractual and quasi-contractual obligations or even to the limited sphere of the sale of goods and provision of services.’
    • ‘The solicitor who was being sued gave an undertaking to the other party, and thus was in a quasi-contractual relationship.’
    • ‘From a practical point of view, the cause of action in conversion is to be preferred to the quasi-contractual action based on waiver of tort.’
    • ‘The court will assess what the employee's labours are reasonably worth by way of a quasi-contractual action for quantum meruit.’
    • ‘They depend on the quasi-contractual links with colleagues in other parts of the company to help them harness the corporate support they need to achieve their aims.’