Definition of quartz lamp in English:

quartz lamp


  • An electric lamp in which the envelope is made of quartz, which allows ultraviolet light to pass through it. It may be a bulb containing a halogen or a tube containing mercury vapour.

    • ‘The units typically contain battery packs with two sealed-beam or quartz lamps mounted on top.’
    • ‘But the quartz lamps were strong enough to cause some committee members and spectators - and even one TV cameraman - to wear tinted glasses.’
    • ‘Heavy glass incandescent lamps and quartz lamps share some serious shortcomings.’
    • ‘Small-scale pendant lights with halogen or quartz lamps are the ideal size for accent lighting.’
    • ‘The cleaned and dried material is conveyed through a conduit g into an apparatus i in which it is exposed to ultra-violet rays from quartz lamps suspended at a distance of 15-30 centimetres from superimposed shaking trays k over which the material is fed in succession.’