Definition of quartz clock in English:

quartz clock


  • An electric clock in which the current is regulated and accuracy maintained by the regular vibrations of a quartz crystal.

    • ‘A major advance was the printed screen which gave a much larger target area, but it took the transistor, quartz clock and integrated circuit for chronographs to move out of the ballistic laboratory to the range.’
    • ‘It was in that year that the original quartz clock was invented by W.A. Marrison and J.W. Horton.’
    • ‘The first person to build the quartz clock was a Canadian born engineer, Warren Marrison of Kingston, Ontario.’
    • ‘The quartz clock was so accurate and reliable, that already by 1939 it had replaced the mechanically-regulated clocks at the Observatory in Greenwich.’
    • ‘Because they have no gears or escapements to disturb their regular frequency, quartz clocks are extremely accurate and have become the dominant timekeeping technology.’