Definition of quarterly in English:



  • 1Done, produced, or occurring once every quarter of a year.

    ‘a quarterly newsletter is distributed to members’
    • ‘The new Time is only part - and probably not even the largest part - of a line item on a quarterly profit and loss statement.’
    • ‘Despite four consecutive quarterly losses, Xerox is expected to make money before the year is out, continuing a turnaround credited to Mulcahy.’
    • ‘The Midland Health Board has launched a quarterly newsletter to keep foster carers informed on issues, events and developments relevant to fostering.’
    • ‘One new type of mortgage automatically increases the home equity credit line based on monthly mortgage repayments and quarterly increases in the appraised value of the house.’
    • ‘Those rank branch boards meet on a quarterly basis, four meetings per year.’
    • ‘Occasional focus groups, quarterly meetings, customer surveys and direct mailings simply won't suffice.’
    • ‘China Steel announced last month that it would increase local steel prices by an average of 7.5 percent in the second quarter, making it the fifth-straight quarterly price hike.’
    • ‘That figure also represents the UK market's highest quarterly growth rate for almost four years, the researcher added.’
    • ‘By meeting targets, Intel would have its first quarterly sales gain from year-ago levels after four straight declines.’
    • ‘Consumer spending has risen at a quarterly rate of just 0.1%, the lowest for four years.’
    • ‘The Bank of England will also provide guidance on its interest-rate strategy when the governor, Mervyn King, presents its quarterly inflation report.’
    • ‘The client was sophisticated and able to assess from the quarterly estimates and otherwise the reasonableness of the fees charged.’
    • ‘The pre-tax charge helped erode Tribune's quarterly profits by a whopping 58%.’
    • ‘The sum is to be divided by four to get the quarterly tax liability.’
    • ‘This year, as last, council has moved to making splitting up the bill into four quarterly payments.’
    • ‘When will they again concentrate on the product and not what the latest quarterly dividend or share price happens to be?’
    • ‘I was informed there would be a quarterly charge of $10 for the maintenance and reading of the meters.’
    • ‘Charges for season ticket holders are also set to rise, with a quarterly ticket at the four long stays going up from £159.90 to £163.90.’
    • ‘SGI hopes the move will cut $100 million off its quarterly operating expenses bill once its forks out $20 million in redundancy payments.’
    • ‘The move to quarterly reporting, in line with US financial reporting, came in recognition of the fact that US investors now control half of the share register.’
  • 2Heraldry
    (of a shield or charge) divided into four (or occasionally more) subdivisions by vertical and horizontal lines.

    • ‘From what can be seen of the original engraving, it is clear that at least two of the shields on each dish were engraved with the same quarterly arms.’


  • 1Once every quarter of a year.

    ‘interest is paid quarterly’
    • ‘Each employee sets goals quarterly and receives four performance reviews a year.’
    • ‘K-GLEN representatives from every region of the country meet quarterly to advise the hotel group on serving the interests and needs of the gay and lesbian community.’
    • ‘You should also review your suppliers quarterly to ensure that pricing and service are consistent and up to your standards.’
    • ‘Frequently in such cases a sum called ‘rent’ is paid at once in accordance with the terms of the proposed lease: for example, quarterly in advance.’
    • ‘Stryker leads this team and meets with the whole group quarterly but with individual members every week.’
    • ‘For example, the national conference passed a resolution directing state councils that they can only meet quarterly.’
    • ‘The writing and production team meet monthly, quarterly and bi-annually to develop both characters and storylines.’
    • ‘The resident is evaluated formally at both sites quarterly to ensure objectives are met and the resident is achieving desired goals.’
    • ‘The change, which allows those businesses to pay their taxes quarterly rather than monthly, will affect about one million businesses this year, not several million.’
    • ‘Develop risk mitigation, incident response and business continuity plans, and test these procedures quarterly to annually, depending on best practices.’
    • ‘Payments may be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.’
    • ‘While the U.S. Coast Guard inspects ships' treatment systems quarterly, it does not collect and test effluent samples.’
    • ‘Depending on the type of data and compliance requirements, Levine reports her metrics monthly, quarterly or yearly.’
    • ‘In addition to the Entitlements Guarantee, Labor will require superannuation payments to be made by employers quarterly rather than annually.’
    • ‘In the one-step ahead forecasting situation, we assumed that the industrial practitioners updated their data quarterly.’
    • ‘Although he reviews all the company's information security policies quarterly, he says it is important not to flood users with so much information that it becomes difficult to absorb.’
    • ‘For each scholarly level at the end of the month a prize is rewarded for the highest achiever and quarterly we award the girl or girls with the least black marks to her name with a prize as well.’
    • ‘Customs officials make inspections quarterly, but in addition to these routine inspections, special inspections by Customs audit personnel can be done at any reasonable time.’
    • ‘Set aside time to reassess your plans and targets quarterly and yearly.’
    • ‘Remember to set aside money every month for expenses that are billed quarterly or annually, like insurance or property taxes.’
  • 2Heraldry
    In the four, or in two diagonally opposite, quarters of a shield.

nounPlural quarterlies

  • A magazine or journal that is published four times a year.

    • ‘But people writing for political quarterlies necessarily draw tentative conclusions about very recent events, and historical perspective does not always settle questions’
    • ‘Apart from the daily press she looks at the role played by quarterlies such as Round Table.’
    • ‘As far as the quarterlies go, the magazines share many of the same writers and the monthly and irregular journals feature unknowns alongside guest appearances by well known writers.’
    • ‘I'd already been reading Kenneth Burke on my own for several years - I read a lot of criticism and literary quarterlies.’
    • ‘It reminds us of McSweeney's for its effortless appearance, although this is disingenuous, as both are of course just as contrived as the glossiest of fashion quarterlies.’
    • ‘Ude draws on his own experience as the editor of aRUDE, a quarterly of fashion and culture published in New York.’
    • ‘Founders Dana M. Powell and Shannon Bonnet plan to launch the publication as a quarterly in the fall of 2002.’
    • ‘Every three months I announce that the Claremont Review of Books is my favorite magazine - every three months because the magazine is a quarterly.’
    • ‘For the most part, Johnsonian ideas about biography appeared only in literary magazines, some of which took their cues from British quarterlies, while republican ideas dominated biographies themselves.’
    • ‘His piece, written before September 11, 2001, appeared in Parameters, a U.S. Army War College quarterly.’
    • ‘Other quarterlies - such as Kenyon Review - carried more refined formal literary analysis.’
    • ‘It was published as a quarterly for eight years, after which the issues became very erratic because of a low subscriber base and a lack of a full-time staff.’
    • ‘In 1904 it displayed 20 daily newspapers, 80 weeklies, 63 monthly magazines and two quarterlies.’
    • ‘Fall brings about many amazing things - dry leaves, morning frost, vivid orange and red hues, and, of course, fall editions of quarterlies.’
    • ‘It was a quarterly; we eventually published 24 issues total.’
    • ‘From their base in university English departments and university-sponsored quarterlies, the poets and editors associated with the New Criticism proved to be a very powerful opposition to the populist trend.’
    • ‘Smoke is a kind of London fanzine, first published in June, successful enough to be out again this month, and scheduled to be quarterly in the future.’
    • ‘I much admired New Directions, and though Accent is now mostly forgotten, during its lifetime its appeal surpassed - at least for me - that of the heavyweight, academic literary quarterlies.’
    • ‘Yet poetry journalism has not followed suit, particularly in the literary quarterlies and in general circulation organs.’
    • ‘Most major cities have daily and weekly newspapers; in all, there are 20 dailies, 35 weeklies, 33 fortnightlies, 152 monthlies, and 111 quarterlies.’
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