Definition of quarter section in English:

quarter section


North American
  • A quarter of a square mile of land; 160 acres (approximately 64.7 hectares).

    • ‘A land system which would accept a score of filings for the same quarter section of land and then leave the settlers to fight for its possession in the courts, would not be held in high esteem.’
    • ‘It's a quarter section of land that we bought about 20 years ago.’
    • ‘Kevin now owns a quarter section of his own land.’
    • ‘A quarter section is 160 rods on a side.’
    • ‘Each of these squares was subdivided into thirty-six sections measuring one square mile each, then into 160-acre quarter sections.’
    • ‘In the Great Sand Hills, organic matter or nutrients not held by the blanket of vegetation are carried into the deep sandy abyss or the next quarter section.’
    • ‘However, there are countless millions of ‘others’ today who should be pleased to take possession of quarter sections of rich meadow or of a handily located oil well, but cannot find unowned meadows and oil fields any more.’
    • ‘Subsequent land law commonly regarded 160 acres or a quarter section as sufficient to sustain a homestead or yeoman farm.’
    • ‘Levi was the last of the six Countryman siblings to buy quarter sections of land near one another in Nininger Township before the financial panic.’
    • ‘And, from a quarter section of land, they and son Brandon now farm about 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans in the fertile Missouri River valley in northwest Missouri.’