Definition of quarter pipe in English:

quarter pipe


  • A ramp with a slightly convex surface, used by skateboarders, rollerbladers, or snowboarders to perform jumps and other manoeuvres.

    • ‘Dude, Kareem Campbell was skating and did a massive kickflip fakie on a quarter pipe.’
    • ‘The youngsters can now make the most of their new £55,000 skate park, which includes a half pipe, two quarter pipes and a grind rail and which was officially opened in Crowgill Park, Crowgill Road, yesterday.’
    • ‘There is a plywood quarter pipe about eight feet high that helps get speed to hit the reservoir walls.’
    • ‘It has a mini ramp, a half pipe, a bauer box, 3 quarter pipes, a few boxes, a wave ramp, a starting box, and a picnic table.’
    • ‘The park's facilities include such specialised features as a flatbank, a grind box, a quarter pipe and grinding rails.’
    • ‘Fletcher heads up the quarter pipe, with his feet in position for a normal backside kickturn.’
    • ‘There were no ramps, except for some quarter pipes for speed.’
    • ‘It will include a three-metre straight grind roll, a six-metre stunt box, two 1.2-metre high quarter pipes, and an indestructible seat.’
    • ‘Learn on a small mini-ramp or quarter pipe, and then you can go to larger ramps, and eventually vert.’
    • ‘Over a month ago, fierce winds roared through the North Bay, wreaking havoc on her garden, cleaving a tree in half and randomly rearranging some patio furniture, making projectiles out of one son's skateboarding quarter pipes.’
    • ‘Fully equipped with a launch ramp, flat bank, quarter pipe, table top middle, two table ends, a two-by-eight fun box and large and small rails, these movable recreation areas are suited for the beginner as well as the skilled.’
    • ‘For snow boarders there is a fun park on Kitzbuheler Horn with half pipes, quarter pipes, a sprint slalom and a table jump.’
    • ‘At the demo spot, they had set up four quarter pipes in a row, like a snowboard park run.’
    • ‘The youth centre has bought four pieces of equipment, a quarter pipe, grind box, kicker ramp and street spin which can be set up and taken down when needed.’
    • ‘Skateboarders flew down the ramp in semi-darkness, steering themselves along narrow ledges, curling up quarter pipes and flipping their boards as they sailed into center stage.’
    • ‘There was also a chance for youngsters to compete on the park's features including a jump box, quarter pipe and ground rails.’
    • ‘Obstacles such as ladders, transitions, wall rides and quarter pipes were placed in an open area, with each rider given two minutes to display their skills on the course.’
    • ‘After playing hookey for a day, Kao began competing a year later in the half pipe and slopestyle, a competition which consists of table top jumps, spines, a series of rails and a quarter pipe.’
    • ‘Beside the grind box, two lethal looking two-inch wide grind rails serve a similar purpose, while the six-foot-high quarter pipe in the corner keeps the skateboarders busy.’
    • ‘Equipment, including a launch, quarter pipe, spine and a grind box will be set up at St Paul's Church Hall car park from Monday until Thursday next week.’