Definition of quarter note in English:

quarter note


North American
  • A note having the time value of a quarter of a semibreve or half a minim, represented by a large solid dot with a plain stem; a crotchet.

    • ‘The last thing about the drums is that you have to notice toward the end the only real variation that occurs in them when the high hat plays in what I think is a quarter note triplet twice before the beat returns to perfect monotony.’
    • ‘This is sort of an inversion of 12/8 or 6/8 which have three eighth notes per quarter note.’
    • ‘It uses quarter notes with small jumps in the scale.’
    • ‘While a deep electronic sound drones on softly, the trumpets enter with a drawn out melody, counterbalancing the cold turpitude of the bottom end with some light, but without employing anything so quick as a quarter note or as loud as forte.’
    • ‘A measure with a time signature of 4/4 (four quarter notes per measure) at a tempo of 120 bpm should take 2 seconds and the same measure at 100 bpm should take 1 and two-thirds seconds.’
    • ‘In this case, each quarter note can be divided into two eighth notes, each eighth note into two sixteenth notes, etc.’
    • ‘Students will first begin by identifying which color M&Ms represent which notes: an eighth note, a quarter note, a half note, and a whole note (the pretzels will be the stems).’
    • ‘Rhythm is not complex - quarter notes and scale patterns of eighth notes.’
    • ‘While it lacks prototypical crescendos, high-octave piano melodies, or savage violin quarter notes, the themes from Blasted would make an ideal choice for the next artsy, three star, quasi-experimental horror film.’
    • ‘As the American system has already played it's ace with a ‘whole’ note, they are obliged to invent a ‘double whole note’ to correspond to its value of eight quarter notes (crotchets, noires).’
    • ‘‘You Are the One’ is a dead ringer for ‘Velouria’, both in its hushed verses and its propulsive chorus, which features ascending 4/4 changes over a snare drum knocking out steady quarter notes.’
    • ‘Responding to this trend, the new generation cell phones, which originally were limited to quarter notes and no more than a 30-note input capacity, now provide for a wide range of polyphonic ringing tones.’
    • ‘Half notes eventually became quarter notes, and eighth notes became sixteenths.’
    • ‘I revised the notation to make the quarter note the basic beat.’
    • ‘At measure 27, forte is in the transcription, while fortepiano is indicated in the original score; in measure 34, the final measure of the piece, the flutists are performing a dotted quarter note, while the piano performs a quarter note.’
    • ‘In ‘Lament,’ the melody moves above continuous quarter note duplets in 6/4 meter, while ‘Elves’ features a jaunty tune in dotted rhythm, supported by open fifths.’
    • ‘I try to teach how to distinguish eighth notes from triplets, from quarter notes.’
    • ‘One small bit of laziness that annoyed me at times was a tendency in the faster movements to clip quarter notes of their full value.’
    • ‘Early on, participants don't know a quarter note from a half note.’


quarter note