Definition of quarter-pounder in English:



  • A hamburger that weighs a quarter of a pound.

    • ‘What follows is apparently so vile, viewers may never look at a quarter-pounder the same way again.’
    • ‘If you try to order a quarter-pounder in a Canadian McDonald's, you won't get a quarter-pound hamburger.’
    • ‘I'd like an order of fries, a quarter-pounder with cheese, I love the light in your eyes, will you go out with me please?’
    • ‘It's like eating a quarter-pounder with cheese for breakfast!’
    • ‘Even a broiled quarter-pounder made from beef that's labeled ‘lean’ has six grams of unhealthy saturated fat.’
    • ‘Michelle gestured toward Deanna's quarter-pounder and pile of greasy fries.’
    • ‘The Jackass burger, for example, comprises four quarter-pounders and four toppings of choice served with a mountain of fries and coleslaw.’
    • ‘Reading it should be enough to put anyone off their quarter-pounder with cheese.’
    • ‘I even remember what he ordered, (A double quarter-pounder, hold the cheese.)’
    • ‘But how many of us know that even a healthy sounding breakfast cereal can be as full of sugars and salts and fats as a quarter-pounder with cheese?’
    • ‘Their burgers were at least quarter-pounders, if not more.’
    • ‘Right throughout the site the exotic mix of the country's accents filled the air, mingled with the scent of quarter-pounders frying and regular PA announcements.’
    • ‘Our traditional menu - hamburger, cheeseburger, Big Mac, quarter-pounder, chicken sandwich - is front and centre of our plans.’