Definition of quarter-light in English:



  • A window in the side of a motor vehicle other than the main door window.

    • ‘Some time the same night a Ford Transit van parked in nearby Cornwall Crescent had its near-side quarter-light window broken and a DVD drive, valued at over £100, stolen.’
    • ‘The doors have been restructured with the quarter-light replaced by single, ‘active glass’ side windows’
    • ‘And because all the side windows go down, you can enjoy a completely glassless driving experience (windscreen and front quarter-lights aside), leaving the wind no option but to find someone else's car to thrum in.’
    • ‘By means of opening the quarter-lights, a pleasant flow of air through the sheets is projected to strike the roof of the car, and carries the foul air out through the quarter-lights, thus preventing a build-up of warm foul air.’
    • ‘Many also have quarter-lights, adding a second, subsidiary strut.’