Definition of quarrelsomeness in English:



  • See quarrelsome

    • ‘Dr. Young has found that taking tryptophan can affect human social behavior, decreasing aggression, irritability and quarrelsomeness.’
    • ‘In the weeks that followed, I tried to pick up their trail - and found most people confine them to the fringes of cities or the wilderness, seeing them as layabouts addicted to drink and drugs and quarrelsomeness.’
    • ‘Winnemucca's failure to successfully connect with pro-Indian political groups is attributed to the personal hatred of one Indian agent, rather than her own well-documented quarrelsomeness or her policy position.’
    • ‘From all the corners of the old political world, the rebels against the Matrix are gathering force; only their fragmentation and quarrelsomeness make them, for the moment, not completely formidable.’
    • ‘The Celts were characterized by quarrelsomeness, both within the tribe and in their indulgence in inter-tribal warfare.’