Definition of quare in English:



  • 1

    ‘you've done some quare things yourself in your time’
    Irish form of queer (sense 1 of the adjective)
  • 2Northern Irish informal Remarkable; excellent.

    ‘he has a quare voice on him’
    • ‘That bridge is a quare piece of art too.’
    • ‘A quare oul' night was had by some.’
    • ‘Uncle Andy will think it's a quare geg.’
    • ‘He gave me the pipe and I filled it and he took one or two puffs and said, "God, that's a quare drop of stuff".’
    • ‘The hotels and bars in the area are gearing up for what promises to be three days and three nights of quare craic.’
    • ‘He thought I had a quare set of lungs on me!’
    1. 2.1 Notably large in size, amount, or extent.
      ‘that's a quare lot of money’
      • ‘In commercial terms Tommy would have been worth a quare penny.’
      • ‘There's a quare contrast in managerial styles, what do you think?’
      • ‘No doubt John has taken a quare few bob from the city too.’
      • ‘"There's a quare lot of them and you wouldn't feel too good," he commented.’
      • ‘"We're quare proud," beamed one elated woman.’


  • quare and

    • informal Very; extremely.

      ‘it'll be quare and awkward for us all’
      • ‘She's quare and handsome; nae wonder they set their hearts on her!’
      • ‘They sing quare and high, so they do!’
      • ‘When I took this chain I told you that it would end up in quare and strange places and it did!’
      • ‘He's quare and sensible too.’
      • ‘It's quare and hard to see what purpose there is in misfortune and trouble for people that never did anything to deserve it!’


Early 19th century: representing an Irish pronunciation of queer.