Definition of quantum leap in English:

quantum leap


  • A sudden large increase or advance.

    ‘there has been a quantum leap in the quality of wines marketed in the UK’
    • ‘The integration of many of these discoveries advanced in a quantum leap in the late 1970s.’
    • ‘A comprehensive rethink that puts tackling racism at a Cabinet level along with the other measures will be a quantum leap forward.’
    • ‘The graphics capabilities of Linux have taken a quantum leap forward!’
    • ‘The Victims' Rights Act represents a quantum leap forward in the recognition of victims' rights.’
    • ‘Next month that vision will take a quantum leap forward when the designs to transform the Grand and create a new home for Opera North are submitted as part of a funding bid to the Arts Council.’
    • ‘Beautifully staged, it marks a quantum leap in theatrical development from Lovett's first play, The Deadman's Beard.’
    • ‘The size and volume of forms and the amount of tax law an individual is expected to comprehend courts the risk that tax evasion will see a quantum leap.’
    • ‘Given these figures and the increased complexity of hybrids, they do not seem to be such a quantum leap forward.’
    • ‘They have also helped spur a quantum leap forward in assessing and quantifying the root causes and health consequences of war, disaster, and civil conflict.’
    • ‘The facility in Athens is a quantum leap forward, even from the setup in Sydney.’
    • ‘Not only is the Farrelly brothers' latest film the funniest film of the year, it marks a quantum leap forward for the film-making duo.’
    • ‘Instead, you'll stand in front of monuments where civilization took a quantum leap forward.’
    • ‘This will be used by companies to provide services over the internet that are a quantum leap ahead of today's static and relatively unintelligent websites.’
    • ‘The report concludes that to properly address the needs of children in Scotland requires not just money, but a quantum leap in terms of attitudes.’
    • ‘Although the Google founders were sure their technology was a quantum leap forward, they had no clue how to turn it into a business.’
    • ‘Howard said the acceptance of the Declaration meant the Forum had taken ‘a quantum leap forward in relevance’.’
    • ‘It's a quantum leap forward and it certainly brings it to everybody's attention.’
    • ‘The development of methods for analyzing inflammation in small airways would be a quantum leap forward.’
    • ‘In my acceptance speech I said: ‘The time has come for us to make a quantum leap.’’
    • ‘Enormous improvements in the associated technology have enabled nothing less than a quantum leap forward.’
    breakthrough, development, step forward, step in the right direction, leap, find, finding, discovery, invention, success
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quantum leap