Definition of quantum jump in English:

quantum jump


  • 1Physics
    An abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum.

    • ‘For example, Bohr's atomic theory includes terms like quantum numbers, quantum jump, steady state, and explains spectra described with the help of wavelength.’
    • ‘The continuously spiralling motion that would have been expected on the basis of classical physics had been replaced by a sharply discontinuous quantum jump from an orbit of one permitted radius to an orbit of a lower permitted radius.’
    • ‘A more illustrative example of the origin of that common usage from the history of physics might be the use of the concept of a quantum jump in the Bohr model of the atom.’
    • ‘Since Christian faith affirms the rationality of the Creator, I think that Aquinas would have rejected the unintelligibility of Copenhagen's interpretation of the electron's quantum jump.’
  • 2

    ‘the quantum jump in Jamie's grades this semester are extremely encouraging’
    another term for quantum leap
    • ‘As such, it may be a quantum jump to practice in the absence of diagnosis and prognosis and then proceed immediately to treatment.’
    • ‘‘India has over 40 million differently abled people and even if a fraction them take up this sport, it will be a quantum jump,’ says Noakes.’
    • ‘There's been a quantum jump in threats, but not a quantum jump in resources.’
    • ‘With this quantum jump in performance comes significantly higher headroom to handle the I / O bandwidth required in data centers.’
    • ‘After Landsat III and IV came a new generation satellite called the Landsat thematic mapper with improved ground resolution of around 30 m and this was a quantum jump from the earlier one.’
    • ‘Only that he made a quantum jump from the realistic style of presentation used in the first two plays to a stylised one in this play.’
    • ‘That is a quantum jump from the day S.K. Majumdar flew the first helicopter in India on March 10.’
    • ‘It was brought about by a quantum jump in the construction of the colony.’
    • ‘However, it would be particularly inappropriate in the context of the Great Transformation since one of its key features has been a quantum jump in the pace of social, technological, and industrial change.’
    • ‘According to this idea, loss of Uox activity might result in a quantum jump in intellectual capability and thus trigger emergence of man.’
    • ‘The company is expecting a quantum jump in sales in the US market in '06, with the expiry of patents on two major cholesterol lowering drugs - pravastatin and simvastatin.’
    • ‘There are great opportunities for making a quantum jump in social and economic development.’
    • ‘Happy to avoid relegation this time following an easy grouping with Singapore and Kazakhstan, Indian tennis can hope to make a quantum jump by next year, if the momentum is sustained.’
    • ‘But the results were startling enough, suggesting the potential for a quantum jump in the accuracy and effect of American fire power.’
    • ‘I think you have to look at the picture globally, and what you'll see is a quantum jump, a leap, in the globalization of radical Islamic movements.’
    • ‘Nicely priced, it's a fine bridge between the home player to the individual ready for that quantum jump to bigger money and tougher players.’
    • ‘However, what regulars at the music section will love the most is the quantum jump in the number of CDs on the racks.’
    • ‘We are in the final stages of finalizing a quantum jump in local and regional support, which should provide a subsidized venue for the very best pilots in the world to set new record marks.’
    • ‘In just a few years from now, a single device that can easily be carried around in a pocket or a handbag, is likely to provide a quantum jump when it comes to communication and information retrieval.’
    • ‘‘That was a quantum jump in awareness,’ said Scott Johnson.’