Definition of quantum field theory in English:

quantum field theory


  • A field theory that incorporates quantum mechanics and the principles of the theory of relativity.

    • ‘He worked on atomic collisions, astrophysics, low-temperature physics, atomic and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, quantum field theory, and plasma physics.’
    • ‘Quantum electrodynamics, and its expansion to the electroweak Standard Model of particle physics, is also a quantum field theory.’
    • ‘Black hole radiation, known as Hawking radiation, comes about because relativistic quantum field theory is invariant under Lorentz transformations, but not under general coordinate transformations.’
    • ‘Physicists originally had a lot of trouble reconciling relativistic quantum field theory with the weak interaction that is responsible, for example, for what is called beta decay of neutron into proton, electron and neutrino.’
    • ‘In quantum field theory, the behaviors and properties of elementary particles can calculated using a series of diagrams, called Feynman diagrams, that properly account for the creation and annihilation of virtual particles.’