Definition of quantitative linguistics in English:

quantitative linguistics

plural noun

  • treated as singular The comparative study of the frequency and distribution of words and syntactic structures in different texts.

    • ‘The first plans for and work on a bibliography of quantitative linguistics began in 1981, under the pressure of the increasing interest in this area of research world-wide.’
    • ‘One of the fundamental questions in quantitative linguistics is whether it is possible to calculate semantic relations between words using statistical methods only.’
    • ‘He has published three books and more than thirty articles and chapters, focussing mainly on corpus linguistics, content analysis, and quantitative linguistics.’
    • ‘In recent years, Quantitative Linguistics has undergone a rapid and promising development, with respect to both theory and application, and quantitative methods are constantly gaining importance in all branches of language and text research.’
    • ‘According to a widespread conception, quantitative linguistics will eventually be able to explain empirical quantitative findings (such as Zipf's Law) by deriving them from highly general stochastic linguistic ‘laws’ that are assumed to be part of a general theory of human language.’